Salbit west ridge

An impressive sequence of six huge granite towers.

32 pitches up to 6a+

It took us 15 hours to climb the ridge plus additional 5 hours to reach the base and come down.

Nice views on the way to the hut...

The Salbit massif. On the left the south ridge

On the rocks...! First pitch of the west ridge

Rappelling down the first tower

The impressive 100 mt. crack of the second tower

We start climbing the crack...

Jacob attacking the summit of the second tower

The third, fourth, fifth, and sixth towers of the west ridge

Rappelling down the second tower

Climbers on the fourth tower

The fourth tower. From this point on Jacob started having mystic visions...

The fifth tower...

Climbers on the sixth tower

Climbing the sixth tower: The key pitch...

Looking down the ridge...

On the top